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List of NPC's at bloody ice'''

Prewitt (Weapon Shopkeeper)
Sells up to Blue Steel arms categories for Warriors and Force Shielders. He seems rough but is very sensitive at heart. He seeks revenge for his pet cat that lost its life in the field. If you are interested in helping him seek revenge, look out for the quest.
Simon (Armour Shopkeeper)
Sells up to Blue Steel defence categories for Warriors and Force Shielders. His grandchild got abducted by a pseudo-religionist. He tailored warm clothing for the people who helped to search for his grandchild.
O’Conner (Instructor)
Teaches sword, magic, and upgrade skills to Warriors and Force Shielders. Occasionally he tells the story of when he was young and fearless.
Keller (Core Alchemist)
Sells up to Blue steel magic arms categories for Force Shielders. She also sells life potions, mana potions, return stones, warp cards for quests and accessories for second jobs. Also if you take a force core to her, she can add new properties to them. She seems frisky but she suffers from memory loss. She has failed the Core Alchemist test a number of times due to forgetfulness
Fissher (Agent of Port Service)
You can leave your items with him. However, every time you leave an item with him, you have to pay a commission. He is a very friendly chap.
Image:NPC_BloodyIce_Stuff.gif Deighton (Grocer)
Sells life potions and mana potions. As a second job he sells auto traps to catch depraved characters, warp cards for specific quests and ring of vow for entry to the land of undead. Some say his stories are very interesting so pay a lot of attention when he tells a story.
Henkoff (Officer)
He is responsible for the advancement examination for Warriors and Force Shielders and he allows you to create a guild. He is strict and one of the officials of the Tower of Wise Men.
Image:NPC_BloodyIce_Miles.gif Miles (Guard)
He is a brave man who guards Bloody Ice from monsters. He sometimes has requests for quests, and he is very close to Deighton. He seems very silly.
Image:NPC_BloodyIce_Miles.gif Eric (Guard)
He is a brave man who guards Bloody Ice from monsters. He sometimes has requests for quests. If you pass him, listen to what he is muttering about.