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The Force Blader BM2 (Blade Shooter) is the weakest of Bm2s just to even out its unbalanced Bm1. It is described to Transform into an Astral Charger warrior. Blade Shooter has transformed over the few patches into what it is currently.


Force Blader BM2

History[ | ]

In the past,to use this BM2, you need 3 sword skills and a magic attack. If you use 1 sword skill, you get 1 laser charged. If you use 2 sword skills, you get 2 lasers charged. And 3 is the same, 3 lasers are charged.

The more lasers are charged, the bigger the blast and the more damage. 3 Lasers has about 600 damage, plus crits.

In BM2, a FB can combo at rank 12, or level/10 + honor rank = 12 ( same thing )

A powerful second Battle Mode used by Force Bladers in which the casters orb transforms into a laser shooter that is charged by using sword skills.

1 Sword Skill 2 Sword Skills 3 Sword Skills
Damage 170-270+ Damage 310-490+ Damage 520-750+
Crt Damage 15-20+ Crt Damage 15-20+ Crt Damage 25-40+


Force Blader BM2 (old)][

Here is a video that was from one of the first few official trailers of Cabal Online, showcasing the FB BM2.[1]

Present[ | ]

At present, the FB BM2 does not require a magic skill. It has it's own special attack skill. It starts off with 4 pokes, followed by a 360 area cut, and a green figure jumping out from the top of the user to be used as a finisher.
Only certain skills may be casted while in BM2. Combo is not activated as well. Debuffs are unable to be casted.

Attack = +195 Magic Attack = +195 Defense = +300 Attack Rate = +1200 Defense Rate = +110 MP use = 40 SP use = 5000 Casting time = 4.3 sec

Prismatic Blade-Cannon[ | ]

This special skill for FB BM2 is suggested to have been derived from the old version of FB BM2. In this skill, it "destroys everything around the caster with the power of a prismatic blade". It is a very flashy skill.
MP use: 60
Casting time: 6.7 sec

Many FB players do not use this skill very often because of its long casting time. It deals pretty good damage only when the player crits.

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