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Bitter Enemies in the Same Boat
Given by: Yuan
Location: Port Lux
Level: Level 57
Requirements: Warp Card
Type: Scenario
Scenario: The Sword of the Guardian
Preceding quest: Maintaining Battle Lines
Following quest: The Altar of the Blizzard

Introductory[ | ]

Yuan, who is at the official residence of Port Lux, is looking for me. Go inside and meet her.

Objective[ | ]

You must speak with:

  • Tesky in the 4th door.

Reward[ | ]

You must meet with Yuan in Port Lux for the reward:

Experience: 10,000 EXP
Amount: 57,000

Dialogue[ | ]

Introductory Dialogue[ | ]

Dialogue with Yuan:
"Your idea of cooperating with the Undead Clan.... I thought abuot it a great deal.... As my master is not here, I feel I must at least get some advice from a friend. Ah... surely, you knew, didn't you? That that alchemist master named Tesky is a friend of my master. Well, even thought heir relationship isn't what you would call ideal. Let's ask him to review whether demons can be used in such a manner... and if it would really be possible. "
[Received the warp card that can be used...]

Intermediate Dialogue[ | ]

Dialogue with Tesky:
"Hmmmm.... Coorperation with the demons of the Undead Clan.. You know that there are six demon Clans in Nevareth, do you not? Among them, the ones with the highest levels of intellect and similarities with the humans are none other than the Dark Clan and the Undead Clan. As the world is quite loud and hectic, I happened upon some things... Among them, I found out that it appears the Undead Clan harbors enmity for the Cabal."
[I see]
"I told you that the name of that Cabal... is Prometeus, did I not? Hmph. Why do you look so surprised? Though I may look like I am wasting away in isolation here, I know everythign that there is to know. Anyway, that the Cabal is in league with the Dark Clan and that they became involved in the coup d'etat of the Thieves Guild are not baseless assertions. If you use this well, you may be able to take care of things with surprising ease."
[so, using the Undead Clan against the...]
"Hmm. It is not somethign that is impossible. As they have existed from long ago and have attained a high level of intellect, they should be capable of strategizing. I've heard that there are those called the Shades who have fogotten their names after living for such a long time in Bloody Ice... Perhaps such 'ancient' creatures could be reasoned with, no?"

Completion Dialogue[ | ]

Dialogue with Yuan
"Really? You say that is what Tesky said? Good. Then, there is no more reasont o hesistate. As I must take the others and continue the search for traces of Prometeus, I hope you can take care of this matter. you said Bloody Ice, correct? The officer there may know of the things about which Tesky spoke."