Cabal Wiki
Given by: Abandoned Shop
Location: Fort Ruina
Level: Level 77
Requirements: None
Type: Scenario
Scenario: Cabal Vs. Cabal
Preceding quest: A Child is Crying
Following quest: The Wound

Locations[ | ]

The Group Camp[ | ]

Location: Fort. Ruina
Fort. Ruina's Abandoned Shop

Tunnel to Somewhere[ | ]

Tunnel to Somewhere Location

Location of Dungeon

Location: Fort. Ruina, Mechzard's habitat.
Time Limit: 23 minutes, 30 seconds Tunnel to Somewhere

Procedures[ | ]

  1. Click the house Abandoned Shop at Hound S-01's habitat to accept the quest.
  2. Head into The Group Camp
  3. Talk to Rin and take Arionell's Message from her.
  4. Talk to Freed.
  5. Head to the dungeon Tunnel to Somewhere at Mechzard's habitat (see picture above). Enter.
  6. Talk to Arionell.
  7. Talk to Patren.
  8. Complete the dungeon within 23 minutes and 30 seconds.
  9. Go back to the Abandoned Shop.
  10. Talk to Freed.

Rewards[ | ]

  • 467,280 EXP
  • 550,000 Alz

Dialogue[ | ]

Quest Box Dialogues[ | ]

Intro[ | ]

Patren has thought of Silverwood as its own brother ever since they met on a journey. Thus, it is more hurtful for him that Silverwood has stabbed him in the back.

In Progress[ | ]

After Talking to Abandoned Shop

The group inside the abandoned building outside of town wants to see you. Let's go inside and meet them.

After Talking to Rin

Arionell is reported to disappear with only one message left behind. Did she sense where Patren is? Let's read the message carefully.

After Completing Dungeon

Patren seemed to be broken-hearted by being betrayed by Silverwood whom he trusted so much. He could not forgive himself for what he has done. He told you that there is no place for him to go back, and then he teleported you away from him. Patren, let's go back! Why, is it already too late?

Completed[ | ]

Your story about Patren deeply saddened Freed. Can we see him again? Can we go back to the time when we were all happy? Can this world become peaceful once again?

NPCs' Dialogues[ | ]

Abandoned Shop[ | ]

Yuan wants to see you. Let's go inside the building.


[Let's go in.]

Rin[ | ]

Hey, we're in trouble! Arionell disappeared while Yuan was out and I was minding my own business!
We found this message of her, and I think that she has found out where Patrens are.


[What does the message say?]

It says,
- Where trees and grass grow thick, there is a monster with long arms.

This seems to be somewhere within Fortress Ruina, will you keep this message and find her? I must go find Yuan!

Oh wait, Aike has went to find her.


[Receive the message and go find Arionell.]

Freed[ | ]

*Sigh*...I wonder where she must be by now...hopefully she will not cause any trouble... Aike is so dying in anxiety.
Please go find her as soon as you can!


[Let's go find Arionell.]

Freed[ | ]

After completing the dungeon.

What? You met Patren there? Ah...Arionell really must have felt where he is, then!

Wait, where is he? Didn't you bring him back?


[Tell him about what happened.]

What? Patren forced you to come back? *Sigh* did he look? Is he alright?

Ah... he must be shocked for being betrayed by Silverwood...yeah...he thought of Silverwood like his older brother...

he wouldn't say that unless he was really broken hearted...I can understand him...arrgh! I feel so sorry for him.


[I know...So do I.]

I finally met Ms. Yuan and I am waiting for her to bring back Arionell.

Although we had to let Patren go this time...hopefully at least Arionell will return safely...

(Receive Reward)


[Let's hope that we will meet Patren again.]

Dungeon[ | ]

Tunnel to Somewhere (23 mins 30 secs to complete)

Intro[ | ]

Arionell disappeared with a message left behind. Will Patren be in this place, where she wrote on her message?

Mission Penalty: -49320 EXP


[Challenge Quest Dungeon]

Arionell[ | ]

Please stop him! Please help Patren! No matter what I said, it is no use, he does not respond to me!

We don't know when we will get him back if we lose him this time. We must bring him back right now, otherwise, he will leave us forever! *Cries*


[Let's talk to Patren.]

Patren[ | ]

Arionell said something strange to me... She said I am the Lord of Destruction... Silverwood took me away from her to make me the evil man...

Arrrgghh...I am confused. I don't know what is true...


[Everything is true. Patren...]

I...I feel funny...When everyone left ne, Silverwood was the only one who stood by my side...

I have never been alone ever since I met him...I didn't feel lonley any longer...


[Patren seems to be in great shock.]

Many things have happened. One day, I woke up in a pool of blood and the other day I woke up and realized that I was covered with dust as if I had been inside some kind of collapsed place.

I was so scared and cried all the time...Silverwood said that it was not my fault...and he said...don't worry...


[Poor Patren...]

But I knew it was not was my fault...I was scared and being coward...I tried to ignore what had happened...

Now I think I am really the evil man...


[No, you are not!]

I did it...I hurt people...I killed people...everything was ruined...I did those horrible things...

I have never wanted the power...I have never imagined that someone would want me to have the power...


[The unwanted power...]

I, I can't go back...I don't have anywhere to go back...I have done too many bad things...

If...if I ever do something that I am not supposed to do...

Promise me that you are going to kill me, you are the warrior who leads the knights, please promise are going to kill me.


[No, Patren!]

(Teleport deeper into the dungeon)

Completed[ | ]

Patren refused to come with you and teleported you somewhere else. You barely eliminated the monsters around you and tried to find him again. Unfortunately traces of Patren or Arionell were left behind. Let's go back to the adventurer lodgings.