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Introduction[ | ]

There are a total of 6 combat skills known as the "Authentic Six" which have been inherited among the Nevarethians. Among the Authentic Six, the "Warrior", "Blader" and "Wizard" skills were established before Nevareth Exodus, the Honorable Age. According to theory, at the time when Core Technology was at its peak, hundreds of groups were practicing and studying their own unique skills. However, the current skills were developed by the first generation of the 7 Sages, based on the Nevareth Exodus survivors' knowledge.

Battle Styles[ | ]

Cabal has 6 character classes, called Battle Styles in-game. Some are unique to the game:

Warrior Blader Wizard Force Archer Force Blader Force Shielder Gladiator Force Gunner
Force Archer
Force Blader
Force Shielder
The best melee fighter who possesses powerful fencing skills. The deadly blade dancer, the fastest dual sword user. The ultimate destroyer, the Ruler of the Force. The sniper that fire deadly force shots that cuts through the wind. Swordsman whose blade flares with the force. The faithful warrior that uses the force to shield others.

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