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Introduction[ | ]

This guide will explain the basics of the game. It will also include some extra information about the differences between each class, about PvP (Player vs Player) interaction, earning Skill Ranks and Crafting.

Classes[ | ]

Professions in Cabal are quite simple. This is a little overview of the choices that are given.
Please be aware these stats choices are to be made after you have the requirements for your equipment.

Warrior - Relies heavily on raw power. The warrior depends primarily on physical attack and defense. Stat Choices - Pure Strength (rarely Pure Dexterity)
Blader - Best PvE(Player vs Environment) class. Stat Choices - Pure Strength (Wearing warrior armour and blades) or Pure Dexterity (The natural build for a Blader)
Force Archer - One of the more agile classes in Cabal. A perfect support class with many buffs and has good damage output. Stat Choices - Pure Intelligence
Wizard - Known as the fastest class. They have amazing movement speed. Great TG class. Stat Choices - Pure Intelligence
Force Blader - The best PvP(Player vs Player) class. The master of debuffs. Force bladers have terrifying debuffs that make them truly deadly. Stat Choices - Pure Dexterity (rarely Pure Strength)
Force Shielder - Similar to the blader, they depend on their critical strike and If they land a critical blow than the fight is heavily in their favor. Their attack power may be low but their defense makes up for it. Stat Choices - Pure Strength(Sword skills) Pure Dexterity(Sword skills/Magic skills) Pure Intelligence(Magic skills)

Increasing Skill Rank[ | ]

Raising your Skill Rank is essential to using more advanced skills in the game which allow you to deal more damage.

Step 1. Adept Equipment[ | ]

To raise your skill rank start with getting yourself a good set of adept equipment to raise your Skill EXP as much as possible:

  • Necklace - Adept Amulet (Highest available for your level)
  • Rings - Adept Ring x4 (Highest available for your level)
  • Adept Helmet - +3 or +4 Skill EXP
  • Adept Suit - +3 or +4 Skill EXP
  • Adept Boots - +3 or +4 Skill EXP
  • Adept Gloves - +3 or +4 Skill EXP
  • Adept Weapon (sword or orb/crystal) - +3 or +4 Skill EXP
  • Title - "Colony Trainee"

Once you hit level 70, you can start wearing an Adept Bracelet that gives skill EXP as well. You can also buy an Epaulet of Discipline from the Cash Shop that gives 2 skill EXP extra for 30 days. And if you can afford it, you can buy Blessing Beads that increase skill EXP by 10% or 25% for 1 hour, 2 hours or a whole day.
Also you can equip an Astral Board (X Steel Blue or X2 Green) for additional skill EXP.

Note: Do not get pushed into buying titanium adept equipment. This is will not give you more skill EXP than the so much cheaper Aramid/Shadowsteel equipment.

Step 2. Training Dummy[ | ]

  • Buy 2-3 Novice skills from the Instructor which have a short cooldown and fast casting time. Magic Arrow, Aqua Arrow and Wind Arrow are 3 possible choices.
Note: If you want to use as few skills as as possible (because you don't have enough slots free for these skills) use your skills on level 9. This gives the best cooldown time. And allows you to make a combo with less skills.

Step 3. Selecting Skills[ | ]

Main Page: Skills

  • As your skill EXP increases you will gain skill points shown int he skills window (Hotkey K). You use skill points to equip skills and level them.
  • To equip a skill requires a Skill Rank, Skill points and a free slot in the skill window.
  • Leveling skills changes the amount of damage, casting time and cooldown time and requires skill points.

For Example: To equip the skill Freezing Lance requires a Skill Rank of "Regular(19)" meaning at least 19 skill points gained in the Regular Skill Rank. To level Freezing Lance from level 1 to 2 requires 1 Skill Point. See the Skills page for more info.

Now that you have maximized skill EXP, we have to start selecting skills.

Player vs Player[ | ]

Main Page: Duels

So you're wondering how you can duel someone to show your strength? This is how, but be aware that you cannot duel in cities unless it's a Guild vs Guild (GvG) war. I'll come back to the GvG wars later but for now the PvP duel. You must be out of the city and have your opponent close to you. Now what you do is you click on them, look at the top where it says their name, click menu, then click "request a PvP". Now you will start dueling that person if he accepts the request.

Note: Make sure that before you accept the duel, you have your buffs all cast on you. After accept has been clicked, a countdown of 5 seconds will start and attacking will commence thereafter.

Crafting[ | ]

Main Page: Crafting

Once you complete a certain quest at around about level 50, you get asked what do you want to craft. These are the choices:

Note: Crafting costs a lot of money. Most of the time you will have to put in more money then you make out of it until you are high ranked in it.

Read more about crafting in the Crafting Guide.

Choosing Your Guild[ | ]

Main Page: Guild

Choosing a Guild is an important thing to do in Cabal Online. Have you entered the game to wreak havoc or to play peacefully with new friends that you find in-game, a guild can help you with various things. When you are stuck on a quest, guild members can advise you in it.
Also, you have people you can fall back on when you run into problems, and playing together with friends is more fun than alone. That's why you may be playing a multi-player game.

Reference[ | ]