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BSLV UP Special Training, #2
Given by: Your default instructor
Location: Your default town.
Level: Level 120
Requirements: None
Type: Rank up
Preceding quest: BSLV UP Special Training, 1
Following quest: BSLV UP Special Training, 3

For every ten levels, you will have to go through a series of tests to get your rank up bonuses.

Objective[ | ]

  • Speak with your instructor
  • Defeat:
  • Enter Lakeside
    • Follow the trail from your spawn area then it will teleport you in the 2nd position where you can find the bloody ogre. If you're a procyon, you will come from their spawn area, go to the left down the little hill, make a hard right and run to the end of the bridge (you can see the bridge from your spawn point). At the end of the bridge there is a very small opening that is straight in front of you when you are running to bridge. Go through it, it goes down a small hill, then you hang a hard right again and go through another opening, this leads you to a graveyard, you go in the graveyard and out the other side. Go down this path and stay on it bearing to the left. At the end is the portal to Lakeside 2. There are a lot of monsters that can kill you on the way, it is best to put on a battlemode before you start. Don't try to fight just run like heck. Expect to get killed at least once until u get used to the way there.
    • On your way use dash and never stop.
    • Then proceed to the quest
      • There are 2 bridges you can get to to kill the Bloody Ogre, the 1 you can see real good on the right and another on the left. To the left you can fight them on the bridge 1 at a time. The bridge you see, you cross then go to bottom of hill and go to the right. This is a dead end you can stand there and kill the ogres and harpies 1 at a time till you get your 100.

Reward[ | ]

Experience: 4,500,000 EXP
Amount:5,500,000 Alz
Skill:Buff Time 150% UP. Buff Quantity Limit increased to 6. Bike Chain Attack Skill Level 4

Dialogue[ | ]

Initial Dialogue[ | ]

Intermediate Dialogue[ | ]

Completion Dialogue[ | ]

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