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Mob details

No one knows its origin but it was only built for one purpose. Destruction! Becareful of its search sensor.
Level: 70
Common drops: Titanium items, Lv2 Disks
Type: Agressive
HP: 3386
Attack power: 100?
Attack rate: 400?
Range: 9?
Defense: 100?
Defense rate: 400?
Alz drop amount: 700
Related mobs: Auto Cannon - Op, Invader Auto Cannon - Op, Invader Auto Cannon - Op+
Related quests: Port Service: Fort. Ruina 1
Mapx pink.png
Mapx pink.png
Mapx pink.png
Fort. Ruina map.png
Mapx pink.png Location of Auto Cannon - Op+ in Fort. Ruina (150,220), (225,175)


Auto Cannon - Op 1.jpg
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