The Definition of the Astral Bike

The leaders of the Tower of Sages are actively driving the research into the technology of the Honourable Age, going as far as to determine the academic hierarchy within the Tower of Sages by the 'number of lost treasures discovered'. As such the research into, and discovery of, the treasures and technology of the Honourable Age is progressing at a high rate. Treasures include anything connected with the Honourable Age, including ruins, records of knowledge and pieces of technology to name but a few. Any such a discovery is not allowed to be privately owned, instead everything is sent to the Tower of Sages first, where the discovery is analysed, organised and catalogued, and eventually released back to the public.

Recently one of the legacies of the Core Technology, named 'Astral Bikes' were discovered, in the form of cards that allows the user to summon a form of transportation. These 'Astral Bikes' not only offer a convenient method of transportation, but also protects the owner to monster attacks in some degree. Despite all the efforts from the researcher of the Tower of Sages the current level of technology is too low to even analyse the operation of one of these bikes, let alone recreate one. The Tower of Sages at least managed to discover how to summon an Astral Bike using one of these Bike Cards, but only a very few warriors will ever be lucky enough to own one.

The Tower of Sages also spend some effort in making sure that qualified warriors are licensed to ride one of these Astral Bikes, and a warrior gains this license with the completion of a one of the Battle Style Level Up tests. The most recent Bike Card discovered was named the Type RW3, and it even allows the owner to open a personal storage remotely. Researchers are speculating that there are even more types of Astral Bikes that will be discovered in time.

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