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Altar of Siena (B2F)
Mutant Forest map.png
MapLinkChoice.png Location of Altar of Siena (B2F) in Mutant Forest (123,97)
Entry Item: Crest of Siena B2F.jpg
Siena's Crest B2F
135 ~ 180
Battlestyle Lv 11
Duration: 80 minutes
Reward for
20,000 Honor
7 Dungeon Points
Penalty for
None specified
Mob respawn time:
Number of Participants: None specified
Daily Reward: None specified


Also known as "AOS2" this dungeon is difficult for players <150 however the drops can make it worth running. It is a rather long dungeon and a party of 3-5 people is recommended depending on how strong the party members are.


Some of the better items that can drop in this dungeon include:

For a summary of drops see: Altar of Siena (B2F) Drops
A comprehensive drop table from EST is found at: Altar of Siena (B2F) Drop Table




Video Walkthrough[]

Step by Step Walkthrough[]

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Image Description
Aos21.jpg After you entered the dungeon turn around and talk to the Statue to get rid of the wall which is

blocking your way.

Aos22.jpg Defeat the Mushids in the next room and you’ll be able to use the warp.

Note: Those mobs are easy to kill and you can do one of the Best Plate Of Honour quests by killing them.

Aos23.jpg This part is a bit tricky but as WI/Fa is pretty easy in bm2. You have to kill both Marps at mostly

the same time otherwise you won’t be able to use the next warp gate. If you are another class just damage both until they have mostly no HP left and kill the first one and after the second one as fast as you can.

Aos24.jpg Destroy the wall which is in your way and Maku Sha will spawn, you can easily combo him.
Aos25.jpg Talk to the table and your way will be clear. Destroy the fire gate which will block your way.
Aos26.jpg Now you have to collect 10 quest items (5/5) from 2 different mob kinds. You can spawn them by

clicking on the 2 Columns. When you are done click on the table which is between them.

Aos27.jpg Go on and you will find a Seed on the right side, click on it and more mobs will spawn.
Aos28.jpg You just have to kill the Polluted Marp/Mushid and Maku Sha will spawn again. After you killed him

click on the Seed again to receive 500 honour points and continue.

Aos29.jpg After you passed the warp gate you will find yourself in the fire tunnel dash fast through it and go as close to the wall which is opposite of the fire tunnel to not receive damage. When your party is ready turn on bm2 and click on the “Clue about Siegfried”.
Aos210.jpg Kill all the Makus, after you killed a certain Maku Siegfried will spawn.
Aos2111.jpg After you are done with the first form of Siegfried click on the statue to spawn the second form of


Aos211.jpg Don’t forget to click on the statue again after you killed him to claim your 2.000 Honour points and a bonus chest.

Note: If you don’t do it or fail to do it the quest line will change a bit.

Aos212.jpg A few fire gates will block your way, kill each one 3 times and they won’t respawn anymore.
Aos213.jpg Click on the right column and continue.

Note: If you were not able to spawn the second form of Siegfried or it might took too much time then the quest line will be slightly different here. You have to click always on the left column and after you have done the Seed quest on the table instead of the Brazier.

Aos214.jpg Click again on the right column and the fire gate will disappear.
Aos215.jpg You will find a Seed in the next room, if you click on it a lot of Cannibal Leafs will spawn and you have to collect 5 quest items from them. After you got all 5 go back to the Brazier i marked befor.

Note: If you need to choose the other seed you will have to kill a certain amount of Cannibal Leafs instead of collecting the quest items.

Aos216.jpg The road block will vanish and you can go on. Stand in the marked area to lure all mobs together.

Around 3 waves will spawn and after you killed a certain Cannibal Leaf, Dorigos and 2 Dorigo Hetas will spawn.

Aos217.jpg Just lure both Doriga Hetas together and defeat them. Go on.
Aos218.jpg You will encounter another fire gate, kill it again 3 times so it won’t respawn anymore.
Aos219.jpg Continue until you reach the warp gate, turn on Bm2 and enter. Defeat Tilia Deviatre.
Aos220.jpg Click on the Decoration to spawn the second form of the boss. After you killed the second form click again on it to receive 2.000 honour points.
Aos221.jpg Go on until you see a Brazier, just click on it and the road block will disappear.
Aos222.jpg You will encounter Tricky, defeat him.
Aos223.jpg Now you are at the big fat endboss, go bm2+all buffs and extend before you enter. Repeat it until

Siena has been defeated.

Gratz you are mostly done now but there is still a bit left to do.

Aos224.jpg Go back out side and click on the “Arbor of Forbidden Ambition” to spawn the second form of Tricky.
Aos225.jpg When he is down click on it again to receive 2.000 honour points more and of course another chest.
Aos226.jpg Now return to the very beginning and click on the statue again to receive 2.000 more honour points for killing Siena.
Aos227.jpg Time for the small Side-Quests

Go to seed number 1 or 2 (they are in the room where the Drogias spawned before to start either a collector quest or a simple killing one.

Aos228.jpg You will recieve 500 Honour points more for finishing this quest.
Aos229.jpg After you are done go on (to the place where you killed the one fire gate for 3 times) and in the back there will be a table. Click on it to start the quest. Turn around click first on the first column on the right, then on the left one and after on the last column. Talk again to the table to receive 500 Honour Points more.

Go again to the Siena room to click on the Seed (5.000 Honour Points) and finish the dungeon.