Cabal Wiki

With the latest update, Cabal now has an extensive Character Title System. Add titles here as you discover them.


Honor Rank Title

Title Bonus Requirement

Quest Title

Title Bonus Requirement
Warrior of Knight Star NONE Start the Lord of Destruction Story quest

PK/PvP Title

Title Bonus Requirement

Mission War Title

Title Bonus Requirement
(Luminous)(Storm) Gladiator NONE Defeat 1 Opposite Nation Warrior
(Luminous)(Storm) Great Gladiator Resist Critical Rate + 1% unknown
Legacy Guardian(S) Hunter Lv. 1 NONE Defeat a Legacy Guardian(S) in Mission War
Legacy Guardian(M) Hunter Lv. 1 NONE Defeat a Legacy Guardian(M) in Mission War
Legacy Guardian(L) Hunter Lv. 1 NONE Defeat a Legacy Guardian(L) in Mission War

Monster Title

Title Bonus Requirement

Craft Title

Title Bonus Requirement
Novice Craftsman NONE Level 2 Basic Crafter
Adept Craftsman NONE Level 3 Basic Crafter
Expert Craftsman NONE Level 4 Basic Crafter
Novice ITEM Craftsman NONE Level 2 Professional Crafter
Adept ITEM Craftsman NONE Level 3 Professional Crafter
Expert ITEM Craftsman NONE Level 4 Professional Crafter

Other Title

Title Bonus Requirement
Colony Trainee Skill EXP per skill: + 3 Level 10, Rank 2 Quest Complete
Colony Graduate Honor Points: + 3 Level 100, Rank 11 Quest Complete
The Beginning of the Human Age HP: + 50, Honor Points: + 1 Complete the Lord of Destruction Story Quest