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Your character can now become even stronger by harnessing the power of your soul. Gather soul experience while hunting, and use this to equip up to 13 different Essence Runes that offer benefits from increased Alz drop to increased experience solo or in party, increasing character attributes to increasing attack or magic power. You will have to equip your Essence Runes wisely, as equipping them will consume varying amounts of Soul Ability Points, and some of the stronger Runes will be hard to come by. The Soul Ability system will be available to characters that have attained level 120 or greater.

Soul Ability System is?[ | ]

  • Ability EXP known as AXP can be earned along with EXPs. AXPs is converted to AP, and these points can be used to learn passive skills.
  • AXP is a sort of EXP that will support the game play to be more exciting as character levels up. Earning AXPs is same as earning of EXPs. If 10K EXPs were earned from the mobs then AXP can be gained around 10K. However, different from EXP, AXP has a different conversion rate by levels.

What AXP is?[ | ]

  • Ability EXP that can be gained just as the EXP.
  • Not that AXPs can be gained instead of EXPs, it is an additional point system that is gained separately with EXP or Skill EXP. However, there is a minimum level requirement for it.